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Exhibition Jan Doms & Jan van den Berg - Luycks Gallery

datum bericht: 25-11-2017


21/01 - 25/02/2018


Opening 21/01 15:00 hrs by Kees van Twist (formar director Gronings Museum)


Every two year Jan doms shows his small art works at Luycks Gallery Tilburg. This time in combination with the painter Jan van den Berg. 

Doms and Van den Berg feel challenged by the fascinating and sometimes fluid relationship between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality.


On the occasion of this exhibition, they create together as an experiment, a special multiple on the principle of a mathematical shape: the oval. 


In addition, Jan Doms include a new series of blind printing and Jan van den Berg presents a selection of his new paintings.


Attention: 04/02/2017 15:00 hrs

Ingrid Luycks will interview Jan Doms and Jan van den Berg about their artistic vision and working method.

Download: uitn_DomsBerg(mail).jpg.pdf



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