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Mushtopia Festival Gyumri Jan Doms a.o. 13 - 15/09/2019

datum bericht: 22-06-2019

Mushtopia Festival & Workshop 

02/09 - 13/09/2019 Mushtopia workshop

13/09 - 15/09/2019 Mushtopia Festival


During the Mushtopia Festival the results will be shown of students and professionals in the field of art, architecture and urbanism, who have participated in the Mushtopia Research and Design Laboratory in Gyumri and/or the workshop 'Creating Mushtopia', organized and initiated by the Dutch artist and designer Jan Doms.

The program that is still developing will take place at the Emili Aregak Center in Gyumri and the adjoining area known as Mush.


The construction of the festival will start on 2 September 2019 in the workspaces of the Emili Aregak Center and in the Mush area. 


Students and artists who also want to contribute can still join in and participate in the 'Creating Mushtopia' workshop from 2 up and including 13 September 2019.


Information and contact: M +31 6 53535536 jandoms.lef@gmail.com

Download: poster Mushtopia Festival.pdf



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