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Exhibition Jan Doms ACCEA Yerevan 12/07-09/08/2019

datum bericht: 21-07-2019

Mushtopia / Art & Architecture in Motion

12/07 - 09/08/2019 

SHOWTIME every Friday 19:00 hrs

The Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art ACCEA (NPAK) invited the Dutch artist and designer of architecture and urban development Jan Doms to display his work in the Grand Hall and exhibition venues, working together with Armenian artists inspired by the motto – art and architecture in motion.




In general the exhibition consists of four element,

part 1, (a) sculptures (installations) and performances, (b) wall sculptures, relief prints, photographs and drawings, (c) documentary panels and video films and

part 2: an extra exhibition in which are displayed the results of the Mushtopia Laboratory for Research and Design under the leadership of Jan Doms, established with the help of Mkrtich Tonoyan and Hrach Vardayan (ACOSS) in the Emili Aregak Centre in Gyumri in May 2019.


Participating artists: 


Juliane Schreiber (visual artist and designer), Olga Doreva (architect), Alex Vartan Gubbins (poet), Vardan Harutyanyan (sound artist), Tiruhi Tonoyan (student graphic design) Hasmik Tangyan (performance artist), Lilit Pettrosyan (poet), Iwona Rozbiewska (experimental video), Agnieszka Ziemiszewska (typography), Ernst Bonis (electronics).


Participants Mushtopia Laboratory for Research & Design

Results are presented as part 2 of the exhibition


Jan Doms (initiator) and participants of the Mushtopia Laboratory: Juliane Schreiber (visual artist), Maryam Zomorodian (visual artists and students of the Art Academy Gyumri: Liana Nersisyan, Kristine Sargsyan, Ofelia Militosyan, Hranush Gabrielyan, Lilya Tonoyan, Hovhannes Koshtoyan and visual artists from Gyumri: Hrach Vardanyan and Karen Barseghyan.


Photos of the exhibition are made by: Suren Manvelyan 


Download: photo impression exhibition JD ACCEA kl.pdf



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