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Review exhibition Forelands in Luycks Gallery

datum bericht: 17-01-2020

Jan Doms and Han Klinkhamer present new art works in Luycks Galley Tilburg under the title 'Forelands'. This exhibition is open for the public 19/01 - 22/02/2020.


Art critic Gerrit van den Hoven from the Brabants Dagblad (daily newspaper of Brabant) wrote a review about this duo exhibition by Doms and Klinkhamer.

Under the heading: "Vital exhibition of old hands" he describes and comments on this exhibition. Van den Hoven is enthusiastic about the works of both artists, who are very different in character but still go very well together in this exhibition.


The bilingual transcript of this review (Dutch / English) can be downloaded via the link below.

Download: BD recensie : review Forelands 16012020.pdf



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