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Film inconTro di boxe is on line

datum bericht: 30-06-2021

During the realization of the multi-disciplinary project inconTro di boxe (boxing match / street fight) on June 2, Tom Peijnenburg of Gilaworks made integral video recordings of this dynamic performance in the Ladybird Street Park in the Hall of Fame.

Initially, Ries Doms would fulfill the role of boxer, but because of his corona infection, that was not possible at the last minute. But Tommy Pham has taken over the role from Ries in a great way.

The performance inconTro di boxe consists not only of boxing but also of the dynamic resilience of the 'punching bag' in the shape of the upside down T, made of spring band steel. In three 'boxing' rounds, an exciting development in form, movement and music unfolds based on interactive electronic audio, designed and composed by Ernst Bonis in collaboration with Joris Bonis. Juliane Schreiber took care of the costumes, in particular by designing and manufacturing a special necklace made of steel, which shimmers in the light in the line of the movements. A beautiful accent that articulates the dynamics of the movements even more.


(photo: Ernest Potters)


Link to the video inconTro di boxe www.detaovandet.nl/xx

Download: photo report inconTro di boxe kl.pdf



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