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Video-report 'inconTro di boxe' in PARK for visual arts

datum bericht: 05-01-2022

After the successful premiere of 'inconTro di boxe' at the Ladybird Street Park of the Hall of Fame, in collaboration with Tommy Pham (dancer / boxer) and Ernst Bonis & Joris Bonis (e-musicians), the project was included in the exhibition 'the tao of the T' in 'PARK platform for visual arts' on the initiative of city poet Anton Dautzenberg.


Again the performance 'inconTro di boxe' was performed in collaboration with Tommy Pham (dancer / boxer) and this time in collaboration with Yunus Kiran & Felix Ruiter who took care of the interactive electronic sound and music.




In the background, Juliane Schreieber (necklace) and Ries Doms (concept and stage) worked on both editions.

At the very last minute, the government decided to go into lockdown because of corona.

So, the performance in PARK took place without the public.


To be able to show the public this new version of inconTro di boxe, Tom Pijnenburg (Gilaworks) made a short video report of the performance. See attached link.



You can also watch the live video registration that was recorded during the premiere in the Ladybird Junior Street Park in the Hall of Fame in Tilburg. This edition was in collaboration with the e-musicians Ernst Bonis and Joris Bonis.


Download: inconTro di boxe brochure one page kl.pdf



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