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'Steps to Heaven' Jan Doms & Han Klinkhamer July 2024

datum bericht: 09-10-2023

Although a reservation still needs to be made, it appears that the new duo exhibition by Jan Doms & Han Klinkhamer will be shown in July 2024 in the so-called monumental Koekbouw (building 170m x 16m x 12m), part of the industrial building complex De Noordkade (North Quay) in Veghel, North Brabant (NL).

This large-scale exhibition includes existing and new dynamic sculptures by Jan Doms and new and existing large-format paintings and drawings by Han Klinkhamer.


The title 'Steps to Heaven' is based on the 14-meter-long so-called embankment staircase designed especially for this industrial space by Jan Doms, which will be manufactured in the new 3D concrete printing factory of Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix in Eindhoven.


During this exhibition, various performances will take place in relation to the works of Han Klinkhamer as well as the works of Jan Doms, in combination with music, dance, movement and related elements.


For further information we refer to the concept that you can download.

Download: concept StepstoHeaven NoordkadeVeghel kl.pdf



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