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LEF Stadsdynamica (founded in 2001) is an innovative firm in the field of urban development, town and country planning and cultural planning. Through a combination of research, design, development and dynamic intervention, we find solutions to problems for a diverse range of clients.
Further information about the firm and its activities is provided on this website. You can also find details of the projects which have been carried out and publications issued. These have been categorised into the disciplines of research, design, development, dynamic interventions, and miscellaneous. On this website, you will also be kept up to date with the latest news, programmes and developments.


Office and design studio

The LEF office is located in the monumental house (national monument), located on the Tilburgseweg in Goirle. The striking building was built in 1937 by the architect Jos. Bedaux. In Loon op Zand, the studio/atelier for production and sesign of Jan Doms (founder of LEF urban dynamics) is located in a modern industrial hall at De Hoogt.

Stadsdynamica [Urban dynamics]

Stadsdynamica stands for the principles of urban movements that form the theoretical framework on the basis of which knowledge and experience are employed. LEF essentially regards urban life as a system of intensive movements, in terms of constantly shifting relationships between the size and composition of the population, public and private domains, hardware and software, production and consumption, reality and virtuality, residence and mobility, culture and nature etc. In order to provide an unambiguous and all-encompassing representation of this complex of factors, LEF has introduced the term ‘stadsdynamica’, which translates as ‘urban dynamics’.


Download: brochure LEF Stadsdynamica [Urban dynamics] (pdf)

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